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Solar Panels Brands A-M


On the list are all solar panel brands from A-M . Their standard production should provide a minimum 10-year product warranties and up to a 30-year power output warranty for panel performance. Solar panels should have UL listed, meet or exceed California CSI or Florida FSEC standards, qualify for energy tax credits.
All types of photo voltaic technology are included :mono crystalline, poly crystalline, amorphous etc. you should get the most solar power for the lowest possible cost.

Solar Panel Types

There are many types of solar panels. See more at Solar Panels types. With a little research, you can easily find all types of solar  panels for the lowest possible cost. I advise to do the research from an independent source to find the right panel for your solar projects.

Solar Panel sizes

Solar panels come in all shapes and sizes to meet most any energy  requirement. About 10,000 solar panels are available on market. It can be a challenge to find the one just for your project. The size are various form 100 to 800 W. Bigger is not always better when  taking into account the price, inventory and your available space. For  example, a residential home system may not have the space or enough quantity for the largest modules.

Solar panel brands A- M

aptos tech

Aptos Solar Technology produces high-power solar panels with long-term reliability. Aptos is based in California and have manufacturer facilities in Vietnam. Aptosproduces high-power solar panels with long-term reliability. Aptos is located in California and has manufacturing facilities in Vietnam. Each of their Commercial and residential  classic panels, DNA-108, DNA-120, and DNA-144, arranged by power, has its own bifacial variant.


Astronergy is a manufacturer of reliable mono crystalline and poly crystalline solar panels. Also, known as Chint Solar, Astronergy is a subsidiary of the Chint Group, one of the largest electronics manufacturers in China. Also, have production facilities now in Malaysia, Thailand, Germany. Their solar products provide cost effective solutions for all types of photo voltaic installations

AXITEC Solar is a global manufacturer of photovoltaic modules. Axitex production adheres to strict electro luminescence guidelines and testing within its manufacturing facilities in Asia and Europe. These high-quality solar panels are known for their reliability and affordability. The most famous series are AXI Premium and AXI Perfect. They are graded by power: XL, XXL, and FXXL in the power range of 390 to 670 W. Every mono facial type has bifacial verse.  

Canadian solar Panels are affordable and offer high performance. Their self-cleaning glass, high temperature tolerance, and excellent low-light performance make them a true workhorse in all conditions. Canadian solar panels meet the highest quality standards. They offer commercial and residential models, mono and bifacial, The most famous of which are the HiDM High Density Mono PERC Mod and the HiKu Super High Power Mono PERC Mod.
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aptos tech

CertainTeed CTsolar panels are available in 120-cell and 144-cell formats up to 400 W. The solar panels include a 10-year product warranties and 25 year power output warranties. CeratinTeed, a part of Saint Gobain Corporation.

aptos tech

CSUN, (MADE IN USA) also known as Sunergy California LLC, is a global manufacturer of solar modules. The factory is based near Sacramento, CA. Headquartered in Nanjing, China, the company began producing solar photo voltaic products in 2007. CSUN specializes in mono crystalline and poly crystalline solar panels. CSUN solar panels are designed for all types and various implementation.

aptos tech

ET Solar is a global provider of photo voltaic solar modules has installed more than 5 gigawatts (GW) worldwide. ET Solar panels posses mono crystalline and poly crystalline PV modules. Recently, they have launched new products into the market showcasing the AC Solar Module, Anti-Glare Module, Smart Module, Cell Optimizer Module, and Anti-Salt Module. ET Solar panels are certified by TUV and UL, and are rated within the top 5 of Photon testing.


 First Solar is one of the oldest solar energy companies in the US with its headquarters in Tempe, Arizona, is the largest manufacturers of thin-film solar panels that utilize cadmium and tellurium. These products are generally not available to small projects, but can be ordered to large-scale utility or other megawatt size power plants. First Solar’s thin-film solar panels are manufactured using less energy, water, and semiconductor material, resulting in one of the best environmental profiles within the industry. First Solar modules have a product warranty of 25 years and is one of only five modules in the world to pass Atlas 25+, the Thresher and TUV Long-Term Sequential Tests


Golden Concord Group Limited (GCL) is a producer of photo voltaic materials with their primary focus in investment and development of PV power plants and solar modules. Manufacturing locations is in China and Vietnam, GCL produces a variety of solar panels including poly crystalline, mono crystalline, half-cell and bi facial that can be utilized for all systems. mono crystalline, GCL-Mars dual glass multi crystalline, and GCL-Mercury half-cell modules. Their solar panels having rates of lower resistance and higher efficiency. UL certified and CEC approved, with 10-year product warranties and 25-year performance guarantee.

aptos tech

Hyundai Solar manufactures photo voltaic cells and modules in their South Korean facility. They are considered to be a low-cost economical option for solar customers. Hyundai Solar produces mono crystalline and poly crystalline solar panels including their RG, RG Black, RI, KI, and WI Aquamax series. Their solar panels incorporate PERL technology which provide high efficiency and better performance in low irradiation, Hyundai Solar modules have 12-year product warranties and 30-year performance warranty.

aptos tech

JinkoSolar , a fast-growing Chinese manufacturer, has now installed approximately 40 GW of solar power worldwide and more than 6 GW of installations in the United States. JKS is headquartered in Shanghai, China, with manufacturing facilities in the USA (Florida) and Malaysia. Their solar panels are backed by at least 10-year manufacturing warranties and 25-year linear power warranties. Their most famous series for residential use is Tiger Pro.

aptos tech

LG Solar is based in South Korea, and production is made at its Alabama manufacturing facility. LG Solar leads the industry with its high-efficiency solar cell technology coupled with a 25-year comprehensive warranty. Their N-type cells used in these modules have nearly no boron, which results in less light-induced degradation following installation. LG Solar modules are durable and can sustain loads up to 6000 psi. NeON2 is a remarkable series by LG solar


aptos tech

LONGi Solar is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of monocrystalline panels and is headquartered in China with branches in Japan, Germany, America, India, Malaysia, and Australia.
LONGi Solar modules are ideal for commercial, residential and utility-scale installations. LONGi Solar modules are backed by a 10-year materials and processing warranty, and at least a 25-year linear power output warranty.


Lumos Solar( Made in USA) is photovoltaic manufacturer with improved design and functional capabilities.Theis modules are ideal for canopies, awnings, carports, bus shelters, greenhouses and many other installations in nature light and Lumos module systems’ are backed by a 10-year workmanship and 30-year linear power production warranty. All Lumos solar panels are UL Certified, and qualify for USA energy tax credits and rebates.

aptos tech

MiaSolé is a photovoltaic manufacturer of lightweight based in USA and China. MiaSolé solar panels are designed for carports and low-slope commercial roofs. All MiaSolé solar panels are made in the USA and are UL certified


Luxor solar GMBH – company from Germany has brancher in USA and Japan and activity in more then 80 countries. Luxor has more than a decade of expertise in development and production of solar modules.
Their modul are perfect for every application with low complaint rate: < 0,003 %. TUV, ISO SUD certificated. Mission Solar Energy photovoltaic modules are ideal for residential, commercial, and utility-scale installations. All Mission Solar products are subject to multiple quality and reliability tests to guarantee top-quality production. Their MADE IN USA panels are backed by a 25-year performance warranty through Powerguard’s third-party insurance and a 12-year product warranty.
Mitsubishi Electric is a global manufacturer based in Japan. All Mitsubishi Electric solar panels are backed by a 25-year power output warranty and meet the requirements of international quality standards (UL 1703, IEC 61215, TÜV Safety Class II). Theis panels is extremly ressistant 


JA Solar is a well-known Chinese company founded in 2005, and until today it has grown into a giant in the field of solar panel production. They are dedicated to the constant development of new technological innovations and a good sales network around the world. Currently, the current series of solar panels are S10, S20 and S30 with two versions each with 60 and 72 cells that differ in dimensions and power range. All panels use PERC technology, half cut configuration, with lower risk of hot spot and reduced shading effect.


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