solar panels east west roof

We all know about the recommendation that solar panels should be placed facing south for better utilization. If the configuration of the roof forces us to place the solar panels…


Solar Panel REC 360 W. TP4

Name: Solar Panel REC 360 W. TP4 (Twin Peak series)Website: solar panel has been on the market for two years. Take advantage of the situation when the next generation…

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off grid

Off grid going in advance

Researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany found that more than 50% of Europe's 41 million freestanding homes could have been self-sufficient in 2020`s. Using just solar and…

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Various solar panels

What is a portable solar panel

As the name suggest, portable solar panel are not fixed transportable solar panels. Portable solar panels are very popular in this time. Their advantage is that they are light and easy…


Solar panels brands N-Z

In this article, I will continue with the presentation of important manufacturers of solar panels. Manufacturers will be presented here alphabetically from N to Y Panasonic is a group of…


To solar or not

To solar or not - that is a real question If you have decided to install solar panels, you are making a long-term investment in your home budget and helping…


Solar Panels Brands A-M

IntroOn the list are all solar panel brands from A-M . Their standard production should provide a minimum 10-year product warranties and up to a 30-year power output warranty for…

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