VICITRON PHOENIX 12/250 – Very good solution for small off grid systems

Name: Inverter VICITRON PHOENIX 12/250

Web store:

Price: $ 102

Owners: VICTRON ENERGY Holland

Size /Weight: 8.27 x 11.81 x 5.91 inches :: 85x165x260 mm / 5.4 lb :: 2.4 kg

Type : Sine inverter. Input/output [V] 12/120

Guaranty: 5 years

My rating: 9/10

Device description

Device is housed in a steel case with a plastic cover, and is attached to the battery with screws. Electro preferences Cable cross-section 10 mm2 / AWG8 Output is standard AC Schuko (CEE 7/4) – male plug included Protection category IP21 Weight 2.4 kg ( 5.4 lb) It has a remote on/off switch, as well as a Filax automatic transfer switch Protection EN/IEC 60335-1/ EN/IEC 62109-1


The Phoenix inverter line was created for professional use and is appropriate for the broadest variety of applications. The goal of the design process was to create a pure sine wave inverter with optimal efficiency and no performance trade-offs. resulting in a high-quality product that is small, light in weight, and capable of providing power to any load without experiencing any problems.

This inverter enables you to use “leisure” or “automotive” batteries with a 12V DC rating to power residential appliances that need 120V AC.

reliable in operation
Pulse transformer technology
high starting power
ECO mode of operation: saving energy if consumers are switched off
Possible connection with a remote switch
Filax switches provide the ability to switch to another AC source.
Data transfer to a computer (via USB cable) or tablet or phone Direct smart dongle
Adjustable low battery level and restart level
Adjustable output voltage level ranging from 210 to 245 V
It has input and output voltage alarms.
It has short-circuit and overload protection.
It has over-voltage protection as well as over-temperature protection.
It has the ability to turn off when the battery is empty as well as detect a charged battery; this is adjustable.

Technical characteristics

Maximum starting power is 400 W.

Output AC power: 230V +/- 3%

Input voltage range: 9.2 to 17 volts

Maximum efficiency: 87%

Self-consumption: 4.2 W
Self-consumption in ECO mode: 0.8 W

Working conditions: Operating temperature: -40°C to +65°C; fan cooling
Maximum outside humidity: 95%

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