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Solar Panel REC 360 W. TP4

Name: Solar Panel REC 360 W. TP4 (Twin Peak series)

This solar panel has been on the market for two years. Take advantage of the situation when the next generation of panels appears to buy this excellent panel at a very favorable price.
Price: $ 146.28
Distributor : A1 Solar Store

Varanty : 25 years

Quality Rank: 7/10

Price Rank: 10/10

Over all quality: 8/10

REC solar panels are at work

Very good, classic solar panel for residential and commercial use. REC . Their internal tests are up to three times tougher than industry standards.


REC panels were also recently named a Top Performer in the DNV-GL Module Reliability Scorecard, which shows that they are the best on the market.Research Tools Section

What do users have to say about REC 360 TP42 ?

(reasrch form A1 solar store) :

“Initially wanted another model but it wasn’t available for a while, so picked this one. System still not finished, but a friend has REC panels, no issues for years.”

Xavier Colman 12/27/2022

“Not a single criticism about the design or functionality of these panels. REC is one of the best!”

Guilherme Ribeiro 12/24/2022

“Up until this point, everything has been OK. Affordable, high-quality, and stylish all-black panels. That’s about as good as it gets!”

Michael Ginn 23 December 2022

Low claiming rate and support

REC’s solar panel claims rate shows how reliable and high-quality our panels are: out of the 4 million panels we make every year, only 400 might be sent back as product claims. This strength is reflected in REC’s guarantees, which add to the company’s reputation for high quality. And if a product claim does happen, which is very rare, REC has tried-and-true procedures in place to make sure they are handled quickly, easily, and without any problems.

Pricing (black friday sale)

$146.25 $ $210 Black Fridey Save $63.75

Technical details

A lot of different technologies are used in the Black 360 type to make it last longer and work better. Black 360 works surprisingly well for its size and weight, with a 19.7% success rate. REC guarantees that their products will work 84.8% better after 25 years of use and gives a warranty that lasts for 25 years.

Overall : 120 mono c-Si P-type cells halfcut ; 6 strings of 20 cells each.

Solar glass : 3.2 mm thick treated to make it less reflected according to EN 12150

Backsheet: Polymer that is very strong (black)

Frame: made of black anodized metal with silver support bars IEC 62790-compliant

Junction box: three parts and three bypass diodes. Rated IP68 and free of lead.

Connectors : Staubli MC4 PV-KBT4/KST4 4 mm² and meet IEC 62852 standards. They are IP68 only when they are joined.

Electricity wire: 4 mm² solar cable, 1.1 m + 1.2 m in line with EN 50618

Size: 1755 mm x 1040 mm x 30 mm (1.83 m2)

Weight 20.0 kg

From: Made in Singapore



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