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Peimar manufactures high efficiency mono crystalline and poly crystalline solar panels.Peimar is a company based in Italy. Peimar solar panels are available in all sizes for grid-tied or off-grid installations.

With sales offices globally, Peimar has U.S. customer support offices in New Jersey and Texas. Peimar solar panels are backed by a 20-year product warranty for workmanship, and a 30-year linear power output warranties.

Phono Solar Technology is based in China. Phono Solar produces low cost mono crystalline and poly crystalline solar panels, as well as other renewable products for energy storage and management. The company also has manufacturing facilities in Turkey and Vietnam. Phono Solar also carries half-cut and multi-busbar products. Phono Solar offers a 10-year product warranty and at least a 25-year performance warranty for all solar panels.

Q CELLS is the world’s top silicon photo voltaic cell and module producers. Their production include: ingots, complete kits, and large-scale solar power plants. Headquarters in based in South Korea and Germany. To continue providing the world with the highest quality German engineering, Hanwha Q CELLS has expanded to have manufacturing facilities in China, Malaysia, South Korea, and the USA ( Georgia ) from 2019. All panels are backed by a 25-year linear performance warranty and at least a 12-year product warranties.

REC Solar is a manufacturer of silicon, wafers, cells and modules. REC is headquartered in Norway where they have their cell and module production sites. Also in the USA and Singapore. REC Solar can provide a secure supply of modules that are manufactured to the highest standards of quality.REC solar panels deliver high efficiency and power output. REC solar panels are optimized for low light conditions ( sunrise and sunset) and are designed to withstand heavier snow and wind conditions. The modules have a 63-month limited product warranty and guarantee of 90% of rated power output after 10 years and 80% of rated power output after 25 years.

S-Energy is South Korea company. S-Energy has manufactured mono and poly crystalline solar panels, as well as BIPV building integrated photo voltaic modules. Some of their module are designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Their desert module features increased durability and high heat reflection.

S-Energy solar panels are backed by 10-year product and 25-year performance warranties.

Silfab Solar is a North American (USA and Canada) photo voltaic manufacturer of high quality mono crystalline and bi facial solar panels. Silfab Solar has over 35 years of solar experience spanning the entire PV production chain including wafers, ingots, cells, and modules.Silfab acquired into establish US made solar panels. Silfab solar products currently include the SLA and SLG series modules. Silfab earned a “top performer” rating for SLA and SLG series.

Silfab solar panels are Buy American approved and are backed by a 12-year workmanship and 25/30-year linear power performance warranties.

SOLAR FABRIK  from Germany is one of the most traditional companies in the photovoltaic sector.
As a manufacturer of photovoltaic products, Solar Fabrik combine over 25 years of experience with innovation and technology to realise our vision of a sustainable future. Their famous models are: N-serie, S3 Halfcut and S4 Halfcut

Solaria based in California is producing high quality solar panels. Their PowerXT solar modules are high-power PV solar panels for the residential solar market. Solaria PowerXT residential modules are developed in California with Solaria’s patented cell-cutting and module assembly forms high-density sub-strings, which are packed more efficiently and reduce inactive space between cells. Through this ribbon-less interconnection process, cells are cut and overlaid without soldering for reliable sub-string assemblies in a cost effective manner. Solaria solar modules are backed by a 25-year performance and limited product warranties.

Solartech Power Inc. is based in Ontario, California. Solartech Power is supported by leading manufacturers in Taiwan, China, and the United States. Solartech specializes in manufacturing high-quality 12 volts and 24 volt poly crystalline solar panels. The company offers complete solutions for residential, commercial, academic, government, and military solar projects. SolarTech Power pv modules are ideally suited meet the following power needs. Solartech PV modules deliver exceptional performance and come with a 25-year power output warranties. Search this great selection for the lowest prices on Solartech Power solar panels

Sonali Solar has been operating for over 50 years in the solar power industry. Sonali manufactures high quality photo voltaic modules at their +100MW plant in India with an automated electroluminescence tester in Detroit, Michigan. To provide their US customer base with quality products and support, their corporate headquarters and warehouse are located in New Jersey for duty and tariff free solar products.

Sonali guarantees at least 90% of the minimum rated output power during the initial 10 years and 80% of the minimum power output for the next 15 years.

Suntech is a manufacturer based on China that has supplied over 22GW of photo voltaic modules to more than 110 countries. The company offers complete solutions for all (PV) solar panels included Standard Modules, Half-cell Modules, Bi facial Double Glass Modules, High Power Modules, Smart Modules, and Lightweight Modules. The high-quality, low-cost Suntech photo voltaic modules are covered by 12 years workmanship and 25 years performance warranties.

Talesun is China-based company, their solar panels are certified and tested to the highest international standards including IEC 61215, IEC 61730, UL 1703 and California CEC. Talesun Solar expanded production in Thailand. As a Tier 1 Bloom berg manufacturer, Talesun Solar guarantees a 10-year product warranty and 25-year linear power warranty on all solar panels.

Tesla solar panels, also known as SolarCity, are high-efficiency PV modules that include the SC-Series of SC330, SC325 AND SC320 with 10-year product workmanship and 25 year power output warranties. Manufactured by Panasonic to rigorous standards for strength, even in the heaviest wind conditions for coastal and other extreme environments.

Thaisun Green Energy Company is a solar panel and cell manufacturer based in Thailand. Their mono crystalline and poly crystalline solar panels feature transparent, anti-reflective, low iron tempered glass to deliver higher efficiency rates. Thaisun solar panels are low cost, quality products that are suitable for residential, commercial, and utility-scale installations. Thaisun solar panels are backed by a 25-year linear performance output warranty and 12-year product warranties.

VSUN SOLAR – Vietnam Sunergy Company Limited, is a global company providing high-performance solar modules for reliable green power generation. Based in Japan, VSUN manufactures poly crystalline and mono crystalline PV solar panels in Vietnam following Japanese quality methods with robotic equipment, professional management and technical R&D. VSUN solar panels are backed by a 10-year product workmanship and 25 year linear power output warranties.

Yingli is a high-quality, low cost producer of Panda mono crystalline and YGE poly crystalline solar panels (based in China) . High efficiency PANDA modules are created from an innovative N-type cell technology. All Yingli solar panels have a 25-year power output warranty, UL certification and California CEC approval. They qualify for renewable energy tax credits and rebates is USA.