JA Solar 395W PV module

Solar panel JA-JAM54-S31-395MR

Full name: JA Solar PVV module with power rate 395 W

Website: JA solar 

Price: 309.65 USD on sale

Price rating : 1.29 W/$

Owner JA Solar

Technology : Monocrystaline. PERC

Usage: Residential, commercial, On grid, off grid

Max power: 395 W

Main electrical properties: Voc = 36.98 V ; Vmp= 30.84 V Isc = 13.7A ; Imp = 12.81 A

Efficience: 20.5 % / 20,2%

Overall Rank: 8/10


About JA Solar company

In 2005, JA Solar got its start. The company produces silicon wafers, cells, and modules, as well as full photo voltaic power systems, to 135 different countries and regions. JA Solar is a leading global manufacturer of high-performance photo voltaic (PV) products. This is because it is always coming up with new technologies, has a solid financial situation, and has a well-established global sales and customer service network.

JA Solar’s strict production standards include many tests to make sure that the products are of high quality. The facilities are very well-automated, which helps the manufacturer keep up high standards and limit warranty claims.

20.5% normal efficiency and 20.2% tropical efficiency

The JA S31 PV module from JA Solar make the most of the company’s technologies, which have won it many awards. This PERC option lets PV modules produce more power per square foot. This means that it will be easier to put together and will take less time. All of these things lower your overall costs and shorten the time it takes to get your money back.

Stay’s cool when it’s hot

Even when it’s hot, JAM54-395MR still works well. It loses only 20.2% of its efficiency for every 1.8°F above 77°F, so you can make the most of the sunniest hours.

Low wear and tear means a longer life

In the first year, these panels will lose no more than 2% of the power they produce which is normal for PV modules. From the second year to the twenty-fifth year, the average annual drop in power won’t be more than 0.55%. After 25 years, the module still produces more than 84.8% of what it used to.

Enhanced frame design

The design of the JAM54-395MR makes it perfect for both home and business roofs. A strong 1.18″ frame made of anodized aluminum makes the bike even stronger and more durable. The model can hold up to 3600 psi of snow load. The back of the panel can handle 1600 psi, which means that even the strongest winds won’t damage your system.


The quality of these PV modules is great, and they look the same as expensive ones made in the US. In addition to the 20-year manufacturer’s warranty, they come with a 25-year guarantee on how well they will work. Choosing JA solar panels was a great choice. 

Miroslav Mitić

Mechanical engineer and programmer for 25 years. Solar energy expert

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