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Solar batterys brands ( not top 10)

The most important thing when choosing an off-grid solar system is the correct selection of solar batteries. Batteries or accumulators are the ones that store the energy produced by the solar panels and enable the autonomy of the system when the Sun is not present. Solar batteries specifically designed for solar systems and that it is not desirable to use ordinary car or truck batteries. Below you can view our offer of solar panels bateries brands and choose the ideal one for your application or solar system. It is not clasical top 10 list ( I don’t believe in those top lists because I don’t know who voted 🙂   – it is the result of my research.  Energy storage products (batteries) are constantly being upgraded and improved.

Some technical characteristics

Main technical characteristic for a single storage unit are:  Max solar Input DC (kW),  Max. continuous solar output   Another important characteristics are stacked: continuous power, current and capacity
Battery storage capacity vary from 9 kWh up to 100 kWh. Off-grid starting current AC vary from 16 to 50 A. Some battery has load  management system. Battery are usually made from Lithium. Solar strorages location could  be Indoor or Outdoor. Warranty should be from 5 years an up, usually 10. Each of the battery have to have at least 1500 cycles (one cycle means one charge and one discharge) at 50 % capacity. Batteries are usually make according to GEL and AGM technology, which means that they do not have liquid electrolyte and they do not need to be maintained and their life span is extended.Average lifetime could be 6000 cycles (one per day) which means 15 year of reliable work.


 The BMZ Group is a leader in the entire product life cycle of cross-industry lithium-ion battery systems.
The group is headquartered in Karlstein, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, with additional manufacturing facilities in China, Poland, and the USA.
Their battery storage with integrated security concept are highly efficient and flexible energy suppliers for private and commercial solar applications.
New electricity concepts are also being further developed by the BMZ Group.


BYD is the world’s leading producer of rechargeable batteries: NiMH batteries, Lithium-ion batteries and NCM batteries.
Battery  has developed a battery storage line, which is suitable for any application. While the modular LV and HV solutions fit any residential application,
the commercial battery is suitable for big implementations.


Enphase ofer whole home backup with IQ System Controller as service entrance<br This is the preferred configuration for back up of the entire main load panel. This configuration supports up to an 80A breaker each for the PV circuit (or IQ Combiner), battery storage and optional Generator. System include storage goes from 3.8 to 10.5 kWh, IQ Combiner with Envoy and wireless communication kit.


Fortress Power is a USA manufacturer of compact and reliable lithium battery systems at affordable prices. With Fortress Power smart energy storage, you can continue to use your solar power, even during grid outages. The batteries commes with a 6000 life cycle (about 16 years) and a 10 year warranty.

Generac PWR

Geneverse (Generarc) is located in Maine USA. The company are known as manufacturer of a wide range of power generation equipment serving residential, light commercial and iPWRcell is a modular storage system that includes lithium batteries, a battery storage enclosure cabinet, a hybrid solar inverter, and the PWR view app for monitoring. PWRcell is compatible with any type of solar panel.PWRcell can be upgraded with additional battery modules. The system is customizable, and can expand. The inverter can deliver up to 8kW continuous AC output power with up to 10kW AC power burst. PV solar is the least expensive power source on the planet today.
 energy storage system and lithium battery modules are backed by a 10-year warranty.ndustrial markets etc.The Generac PWRcell system consists: power inverter -> lithium battery -> monitoring app ->PV link optimizer -> SnapRS rapid shutdown devices. PWRcell is compatible with any type of solar panel. PWRcell energy storage system and lithium battery modules are backed by a 10-year warranty.

Solar Edge

The battery bank design maximizes system performance, allowing more energy to be stored and used mostly for on-grid. The DC-coupled battery features superior overall system efficiency, from PV to battery to grid. Designed as a scalable solution for increased power and capacity with multiple SolarEdge inverters and batteries. The battery integrates with the complete SolarEdge residential offering, providing a single point of contact for warranty and supportand a 10-year warranty.


Kilovault is dedicated to providing innovative and affordable renewable energy solutions for residential and commercial applications.
Their batteries are based on leading-edge technologies that reduce the cost of entry for homeowners. Main production line are : Lithium and AGM


LG is very well-known Korean company, Electronics has a long history of leadership in the electronics market. They have been a mainstay in home entertainment, mobile communications, appliances, air solutions, and vehicle components. LG operates in 126 countries. The LG Energy Storage System (ESS) is a self-sufficient solar storage battery and energy management system designed for the grid-connected home customer. The LG RESU battery is an excellent on-demand power supply during the night or power backup during a grid outage. The lithium-ion battery is compatible with any solar panel, including LG solar panels, and a variety of solar inverters from LG, SMA, SolarEdge and others.

Rolls engineering

Rolls product lines offer premium deep cycle batteries in a wide range of voltage and capacity options. The Rolls brand and distinctly red cases are well-recognized around the world and represent our longstanding commitment to deliver outstanding quality. Battery types ofer: AGM, Flooded, GEL and LFP


Batteries made in USA based in California.SimpliPhi Power designs and manufactures efficient and enduring energy storage and management systems.Ther storage system is available for the residential, commercial, and many more. SimpliPhi storage solutions are rigorously tested and passed operational performance requirements by the U.S. Army.

Sol Ark

(made in USA Texas) is an engineering based company that offers Hybrid Solar inverters and batteries. The Solar Battery System simultaneously manages power to and from solar, battery, grid, loads, and generator to provide homes less energy dependence on the grid. The Sol-Ark Solar Battery System is easy to install and is designed for affordable residential or light-commercial grid-tied backup storage, or off-grid renewable energy power demands.

MK Batteries

made in USA with headquartered in California, has distribution centers located in the USA and worldwide.MK Battery’s extensive knowledge with VRLA batteries makes them a leader in solar energy storage. Deka batteries are MK battery’s main line of solar storage with a variety of battery options for optimal, long-life solar energy storage
Life cycles of these batteries vary from high to moderate, depending on the model selected. MK Battery provides ideal for solar energy storage, RV / marine, alkaline/specialty batteries, and battery chargers.


The SMA offer backup power via “sunny boy” system. This is comletly solution with invertor, panels, storage and automatic backup units. Everything is connected to Sunny portal.

aptos tech

TESLA,  made in USA,  has a 10 year warranty with 7kW of peak power and 5kW of continuous power use. It has a 13.5 kWh usable capacity. The power units can be installed indoors or outdoors, or the wall or ground mounting. Tesla battery meets North American and International certification standards.


Founded in 1925,  Trojan Battery Company has become the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle Solar and Motive batteries.
With a broad range of energy storage solutions that including deep-cycle flooded, AGM, Gel and lLithium batteries. Trojan has shaped the world of deep-cycle battery
technology with close to 100 years of battery manufacturing experience.Trojan  battery Company (made in USA) produce long-lasting, reliable batterys for varys systems (trucks, cars, solar,aerial work, vehicle instalation.


Hawker is made in USA battery with logn expiriance in militarz vehicals.  Hawker is spleciallized in adanced lead acid production of battery with 2000 cycles and 600 Ah capacity. Manufactured with proprietary Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology, Hawker batteries provide virtually
maintenance-free operation, longer life, deep cycle capability, vibration resistance, higher starting power and high reliability.


Sonnen solutions are customised to the needs of each market. Built with German engineering combined with local ingenuity and manufactured in Australia, the USA, and Germany, their products are shipped locally, reducing our carbon footprint. The SonnenBatterie does not only store energy, it’s smart. As an intelligent, backup capable, energy storage system, sonnenBatterie can integrate into any existing PV system on the market.

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