theoretical presentation of all relevant terms related to solar energy

Solar tracker axes of rotation

Unlocking the Power of the Sun: Understanding Solar Tracker Axes of Rotation Solar trackers are devices that track the movement of the sun during the day by rotating the solar…


How solar calculators works

There is an elaborate system for calculating the gain of electricity from the sun. In the following article, I will briefly describe the algorithm by which solar calculators work.  Note:…

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Ideal panel angle for every month

Solar panel power calculation results

It s a time to analyses results from obtained data form index file. Theresults are divided into two main sections, depending on which datawe entered on index page:theoreticallyreal-data estimation  Theoretical…


Solar energy

We will continue wiht theorethical observation with solar usage therms Solar constant A solar constant is a measurement of the solar electromagnetic radiation available in a meter squared at Earth's…

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Solar panel geometry

Theoretical part. I shall try to briefly explain the terms related to the use of solar energy. First at all lets take look on basic geometry Latitude is angular distance…