solar panels and all necessary equipment: inverters, batteries, kits, electronics, etc

Daily solar energy pickup

Falling  solar prices will lead to mass installation of solar energy, which will have a negative impact on distribution networks. There will be imbalance and oveto theoading of electricity supply…

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Selection PV module inverter

How to choose PV module inverter

The size of our previously calculated solar array is the main factor in determining the size of the solar inverter. A solar inverter with sufficient capacity should convert the solar arrays' DC…


What is a portable solar panel

As the name suggest, portable solar panel are not fixed transportable solar panels. Portable solar panels are very popular in this time. Their advantage is that they are light and easy…

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solar how does it works

solar panel how does it work

Let's dive just a little deeper Why Silicon ? Silicon is the main material for the production of solar panels. It is the second most widespread element on the planet,…


Bifacial solar panels

Recently, solar panel sellers often offer bifacial panels. What are bifacial panels, and should you invest in them? Bifacial solar panels: an easy explanation Bifacial solar panels are, as their…

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Common PV modules properties

Solar panels specifications explained

How to read and understand the basic characteristics of solar panels (PV modules)Each solar panel has mechanical and electrical characteristics. Let's see what it looks like. Mechanical properties Solar cells…