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The best solar panels in 2023

best solar panels residential use 2023

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This is a research page. Every site or sales company has someone they favor or who has been in storage for a long time and needs to be sold. Maybe that’s how Top X products are created. That’s not important now. I will try to give as objective a view as possible according to the posts of renowned companies and according to my personal observation of which panel manufacturers marked the year 2023.

Criteria to choose the best solar panel in 2023

Reasrsh source: CNET, Forbes, and A1 Solar Store

This research is unified. Compliments and facts are taken from all respected sources.

 Selection factors are:  quality, warranty,innovations, degree of utilization, and price/W/m2. 

Compare the best solar panels of 2023. In evaluating solar panels for this list, we looked at the residential offerings from solar panel manufacturers and judged them as a whole. In general, if one company has a model that stands out in one area, like efficiency, its entire suite of panels will be more efficient. All brands of solar panels are highly efficient and come with strong production guarantees over a 25-year. All brands are available from multiple major solar installation companies.

The ols scholl: Sun Power (Maxeon), REC and Panasonic

SunPower (Maxeon)

SunPower is at the top of our list because it makes solar cells that work as well as possible. Maxeon has a temperature coefficient of only -0.29% and a maximum output grade of 22.8%. The output warranty lasts for 25 years and is 92%. The guarantee for 40 years is up to 82%. As new ideas are brought to Maxeon, we have: Back-contact conductivity gets rid of the need for ugly metal gridlines, letting them soak up more sunlight. The backing is made of metal. Each cell is much stronger (due to the fact that it’s made of metal), which also helps it fight corrosion from the weather and makes the whole panel last longer. Cables that are thick with triple-redundant connectors and built-in strain relief make it easy for everything to expand and shrink with the daily changes in temperature.

Degradatin rate

As a winner Maxeon deserve video



Panasonic is a well-known name in electronics, among other things. This year, the company comes in at number two on our list with its EverVolt line of home solar panels, which can produce up to 410W of power each. Expect 92% of that output to be there after 25 years of use.

Panasonic panels have an impressive efficiency rate of up to 22.2%. The fact that their temperature coefficient was 0.24% per degree Celsius for the panels we looked at is truly amazing. This means that Panasonic panels are a great choice for powering homes in hotter climates.

Panasonic has a solar tracking app for your system and a chat feature on its website to answer your questions. The app is available in every state through a number of installation companies.

Panasonic Evervolt 400 W — Best for Hot Places


REC is a Norwegian brand on the list because it works well in all situations. The company makes panels that can make up to 430 W of electricity while being up to 22.3% efficient. They also have four different types of panels with different prices and features, as well as full energy-production systems, some of which are more expensive than the competition. We can get in touch with a service company directly through the company’s website, and the mobile app lets you keep an eye on your system after it’s been set up. Their solar panels work well in any area because they can handle a lot of snow and have a temperature coefficient that is lower than average (-0.26). REC Solar stands behind its goods with warranties that last up to 25 years on panels and 10 to 25 years on other products. The company also thinks that its panels will last a long time, so it offers a 92% output guarantee for 25 years. REC Solar also has train installers in different parts of the country (in the USA).

REC Alpha Pure Black 405W — Best from Europe to USA

REC Norvegian brend
Canadian Bear
USA made

Popular : QCell, Canadian Solar, SifLab and Trina


Q Cells makes solar panels and systems that are affordable and can produce up to 405 watts of power per panel. At 20.6%, Q Cells panels are still mentioned as PVEL top performers, even though they are less efficient than other top panel makers. They keep making 93.5% of their power after ten years, but that number drops to 86% after twenty-five years.

Q-cell solar panels work well in heavy snowfall and are a great choice for people who live in cooler areas. People who live in hot places, on the other hand, will see a big drop in efficiency of up to 0.34% per degree Celsius as the day goes on.

The solar panels come with a 25-year warranty, but the other parts of the system only come with a 2-year guarantee. The company’s app lets you keep an eye on your Q Cells system and gives you free cost estimates.

Q Cells Q.PEAK DUO ML-G10+ 400 W — A1 solar store Best selling

Canadian Solar

A good choice if you want to get the most for your money is Canadian Solar. It’s hard to beat the price for panels of this quality. Even though they aren’t the most powerful or efficient panels, Canadian solar panels will save you money on your energy bill and the cost of going through the installation process. The panels that Canadian Solar sells aren’t always the cheapest ones on the market. But they give you the most for your money.Canadian solar panels have been famous for performing well even when it’s cloudy. Since Canadian solar panels aren’t the best, you won’t get record-breaking performance. But the panels will be of good quality and will last for a long time. The price is also reasonable. Its guarantees and performance are in line with what the industry expects, and the company has a good name in the solar business.

Canadian Solar HiKu Black 395 W — Best in bad Weather


The company, Silfab Solar, is privately owned and has its main office in Canada. It also has two large factories in Washington, D.C., USA. The Elite and Prime panels from Silfab are both very stylish and work well. The US is where SifLab makes their solar panels, and they’re good!

Mounted on the roof, Silfab’s panels look great because they are all black. They’re also not too expensive. In order to make the panels work better in real life, both the Elite and Prime types use new conductive copper backsheets and back-contact solar cells. Putting up solar panels made by Silfab is also a pretty good deal. You can get a good system for less money with a Silfab installation since panels cost about $0.76 per watt before they are put in.

Hear from real people who have Silfab panels on their roofs and read what our experts have to say about them.

Trina Solar

Trina Solar: Trina’s line of solar panels is similar to the other panels on this list, with specs that are close to those of Qcells. Trina’s yields are a bit higher, around 22%, and the panels are a bit bigger. With a 25-year promise of almost 85%, Trina panels are a good buy. A few of them are all black. Famous dominant serie in 2023 Trina VERTEX

Trina 325W Solar Panel 120 Cell TSM-325-DD06M.05(II) best selling low price 300-400 W category

Chines tigers: ZNShine, JA Jinko, Longi

If we want solar panels that are both cheap and good at what they do, Chinese modules might be what we need.

ZN Shine

When it comes to longer solar guarantees, ZNShine looks like it could be the best. Some companies promise that their panels will produce more for 25 years, but most of those companies don’t go the extra 5 years. We’re glad it’s the start of a trend. Some of ZNShine’s panels have a warranty that lasts for 30 years, which is five years longer than the norm in the business. Others give you the choice of 30 years, but ZNShine and a few others are starting to make 30 years the norm. ZNShine panels are also very efficient (most of them are over 21%) and have temperature coefficients that are close to -0.35%. It has sides that are mostly black, but not all black yet.

ZNShine Solar 405W Solar Panel 108 Cell ZXM7-SH108-405/M, best selling in USA from China

JA Solar

According to JA Solar, their solar panels can be as efficient as 21.5% at their best, and they promise that they will still produce nearly 90% of what they were made to do after 25 years. JA Solar is one of the less expensive companies on the market. 

The cost per watt is between $0.55 and $0.66. You could say that JA Solar’s prices are about the same as Trina Solar’s, a little less than Canadian Solar’s, and a little more than Longi Solar’s. Every JA solar panel’s description talks about how it has a lower LCOE (levelized cost of energy). In terms of how well they work, JA Solar panels might be the best among cheaper PV modules.

JA Solar 535W Solar Panel 144 Cell Bifacial JAM72D30/MB best selling bifacial from China to USA

Jinko Solar

At least three of Jinko’s solar panels go over 22% in efficiency, which is a very high number. It’s set at 83.1%, which is lower than many of the other 25-year warranties on this list. Jinko does make solar panels that are all black. Jinko has an American plant in Jacksonville, Florida.

Longi Solar

Longi Solar offers a range of solar panel products, including their Hi-MO (High-Efficiency Mono) series, which uses monocrystalline PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell) technology to achieve high efficiency rates of up to 22.5%.
Longi  also offers a 30-year warranty on their solar panels, which is one of the longest warranties in the industry. This warranty guarantees a minimum power output of 80% after 30 years of use.



It’s hard to test solar business and equipment in real life. To find the best product on the market, we look at technical specs, talk to companies, and read customer reviews.

The best solar panels for roofs with roof top

If you only have a small roof or a roof that can hold solar panels, you should get high-efficiency solar panels to get the most power from the sun. Solar cells with the most power

Solar panels that put out more power mean you don’t need as many to meet your energy needs.


Solar screens that last the longest Solar panels cost a lot of money, so we want them to last as long as possible. The best way to figure out how long a solar panel will last is to look at its warranty.

Please keep in mind that solar panels keep working even after the warranty period is over.

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