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Let the sunshine in.

Every day, the earth receives about 10,000 times more energy from the sun’s rays than it consumes from all other energy sources. Of course, all this energy is impossible to use, and the amount absorbed by existing solar panels has a low efficiency of approximately 15%. Globally, a lack of energy will force all of us to use our own clean energy sources. The logical choice is solar panels. Agree ?

All right, we have a house roof or some property, and we want to install a solar panel. We have a sloped or flat roof. What will we do? Let’s do some calculations.

   This application will explain and calculate the amount of energy you can get from a solar panel.

solar panel usage calculator

How does site work ?

    • We calculate the energy we can get on our property.
    • We explain in a simple way how solar panels work.
    • We explain in a simple way all other components of solar systems.
    • We follow the latest technologies and search for favorable equipment for sale from renowned manufacturers.
    For this purpose, we also use an external site for calculations via a link (www.wind.in.rs). This site also contains various other online machinery calculators.

Technical details about the application

The Solar Panel Angle Calculator application, referred to as SPAC in the following text, is the work of mechanical engineer and site author Miroslav Mitiic and is entirely written in PHP. Of course, JavaScript is indispensable for some details. The application was ported to my other site due to the use of statistical databases (MySQL), which are not easily feasible on blog sites. The editor used for writing is Blue Fish. The site where the original application is located (www.wind.in.rs) contains some more calculations from the field of mechanical engineering. The SPAC application is completely free to use, but not for modification or commercial purposes.

Miroslav Mitić

Mechanical engineer and programmer for 25 years. Solar energy expert

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